Renting a car assists in travelling to areas which public transport is unable to reach. While travelling as a group, costs are shared therefore cheaper in most cases. Car agencies provide a service that one can rent a car of their choice bringing easiness of travel. Suitability of the vehicle should be considered in terms of its model or suitability for the terrain to be travelled. Cars dropped off at another station of the agency. Additionally, some of the cars are equipped with interactive websites which assist the traveler in making reservations online.

Rental Company

Car rental agency building and lot

Its important to choose a rental company that is large and reliable. If the company is smaller, and only has one location, you could run into many problems. The biggest problem is if the car breaks down, they won’t have multiple locations to choose a replacement car near you. You’ll most likely have to call someone like San Francisco Bay Area Towing to return the rental car to the agency. The plus to this is that it will be paid by the company, but thats the only plus. Its strongly urged  to not rent from a small company, that is the best advice.


Time before return of vehicle plays a role on the amount to be paid for the service. The vehicles are grouped into classes by which one chooses the most suitable car. Depending on the company’s policy, there could be a minimum period of renting the car On occasion of bringing back the car late, there could be penalties such as payment of another full day. Liabilities of the client could escalate if the car was damaged or hitting someone and would be forced to cater for the administrative costs managing the repairs. The mileage recorded also has an impact on cost and other charges could be added for agencies with a daily limit.

Choosing a car

A spacious vehicle is necessary when a lot of luggage is carried or many passengers. Depending on your level of expertise one should choose the one that is comfortable for you whether a manual or automatic transmission. High clearance vehicles are good with unsurfaced roads and harsh weather. A GPS installed in the vehicle comes in handy while navigating through new routes. Scratches and damages on the selected vehicle should written down in the contract if any.


Rental agencies consistently require a security deposit mechanism for protection in cases such as fines, damage and failing to return the car. Some hold on to the credit card for imposing charges or charges. In most cases payment is rarely done with cash depending on the agency policies itself. There are those that require one to pay a deposit which can be equal to the maximum liability which could be incurred during travel. This could be several times the price of renting the vehicle. Using credit cards could affect plans therefore the need to carry several card with you while travelling.

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